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Our Mission

When we started this business, we set out to make the Best Payment App for Salesforce. The AppFrontier mission with our app Chargent has remained that simple, even though some parts of Salesforce and payments can seem anything but.

Every day, we are working hard to:

  • Enable Salesforce users like you to take payments everywhere

  • Make your payments easier, more efficient, and automated

  • Help your organization be more successful by adding payments to any process in Salesforce

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Our Story

AppFrontier founders Micaiah Filkins and David Hecht met in 2006, when Micaiah rented server space from David’s web hosting firm. A year later, when David’s company decided to roll-out Salesforce beyond just Sales and Marketing to all departments, the consultant who showed up to do the implementation was none other than Micaiah — what a coincidence!

Chargent first launched on the Salesforce AppExchange late in 2008, less than 2 years after the AppExchange itself went live, as the first business application marketplace in the cloud. Micaiah had implemented an early version of Chargent several times as a consultant, so we jumped at the chance to buy the app from its original developer and AppFrontier was born.

These days, there are hundreds of happy customers, and millions of Chargent end users. AppFrontier is headquartered in San Francisco, just a few blocks from the Salesforce tower, with teammates working remotely across Michigan, Ohio, Nevada and California.

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We are Always Here to Help

“We are Always Here to Help” isn’t just a slogan, it is a promise you can count on. Our Support Team goes deep to make sure you are successful with the Salesforce platform, your chosen payment gateway, and of course, the Chargent app. We’re in the top 0.5% of best reviewed apps on Salesforce AppExchange!